In the year 200 AD a Chinese doctor named Zhang Zhongjing used dumplings as a method to cure illnesses. Nowadays dumplings are known by different names such as Gyoza and Dimsum. This Chinese dish symbolizes health and wealth and bears resemblance to a treasure. Thousands of years ago dumplings were an essential part of special occasions such as Chinese New Year reunions. These days it is considered an everyday food and has a wide variety of fillings and cooking methods. 

Dim sum is a small kind of pastry. Legend states that a great general, during the Eastern Pu period, sent order to bake delicious cakes, as a token of appreciation to comfort the soldiers. From that day onward, “dim sum” became well known. Dim sum comes in a wide variety such as dumplings, wontons, sweet and savory pastries, etc. People often combine noodles from the north and tea from the south. This combination is loved by people all over the world. Only love and food matter!