In the year 200 AD a Chinese doctor named Zhang Zhongjing used dumplings as a method to cure illnesses. Nowadays dumplings are known by different names such as Gyoza and Dimsum. This Chinese dish symbolizes health and wealth and bears resemblance to a treasure. Thousands of years ago dumplings were an essential part of special occasions such as Chinese New Year reunions. These days it is considered an everyday food and has a wide variety of fillings and cooking methods.


In 2007, Tan Weiguo and Zhang Shujuan founded Mayrain in the beautiful Siyang, Jiangsu Province. Their mission consists of sharing Chinese food and culture with people from all over the world. One of their factories located in Belgium, is equipped with advanced production facilities, follows EU food safety regulations and strict hygiene rules. The dumplings are mostly made with local produce. 

Mayrain shares life values such as diversity, tolerance, health and family. Their wish is that Mayrain’s products can be a gift from above that will nourish your heart, bring you prosperity and a beautiful, warm and dynamic life! Let Mayrain dumplings satisfy your taste buds, and warm your heart. Their ultimate wish is that Mayrain will bring people luck and peace.

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